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A.S.A.P. TEAM “Anytime Anywhere”
Our understanding of your need
Checking the personal bags of contractors and client employees, as they are incoming or outgoing from off shore work for contraband and stolen property. This investigation can help deter employee theft and the use of contraband to help provide a safe work environment and help loss prevention numbers go down.
Our Approach
We are aware of the complexities involved with checking the personal property of people. A.S.A.P. Team believes that a speedy and private investigation is key to protecting the privacy that all people deserve. A.S.A.P. Team is able to accommodate and modify approach in minutes to mitigate any situation with minimal disruption to employer and employees.
Our scope of review
The scope of review of the engagement, as we understand, is described below: Timing and Location The project start dates and location will need to be coordinated with Waste Auditors to ensure its A.S.A.P. Team can mobilize the right assets and team to meet the needs of the situation and location. Customized investigations and multiple resources on hand The A.S.A.P. Team will need to be able to perform multiple investigations at multiple locations. Whether that be at a heliport or land based location for a boat or said vessel coming to dock, also to include offshore rigs, and other workplace investigations as needed. A.S.A.P. Team will also need to have urine, alcohol test, and readily identify any contraband associated to the scope of our investigations. Recognition of any and all contraband or suspected theft of company property will be seized and released to A.S.A.P. Company Rep. Chad Eden, or designated client representative On-Site. No A.S.A.P. Team member will maintain custody of property past investigation time.
As a result of the investigations the client can expect the following deliverables to be generated ~ Evaluation summary ~ Identify opportunities for improvement ~ Identify good practices that can be utilized at other locations ~ Recommendations for improvement
K9 Detection
A.S.A.P. K-9 and handlers have achieved certification through the "NPCA" National Police Canine Association and the "NNDDA" National Narcotic Detector Dog Association. We use a passive detection method so there is not the worry of damage to materials or equipment for our clients. A.S.A.P. specializes in the detection of Narcotics in the Oil and Gas Industry and facility site searches.
A.S.A.P. Team believes that the completion of the said investigation can be achieved in a week timeframe.