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Audits.  The offloading of waste by third party contractors and the cleaning of the vessels which contained the waste occurs randomly anytime during a 24 hr period, seven days a week.  This work is accomplished in six major locations; Fourchon, Venice, Morgan City, Intracoastal City, Cameron and Galveston, TX.  The logistics and cost involved with mobilizing personnel from business centers, such as Lafayette, are not the most effective or practical due to time restraints.  WAI can assign personnel ready to report to these waste transfer stations in these areas.  These auditors can be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to monitor and track your waste disposal operations.


  • Drilling and Completion Fluid transfer audits & sample collections

  • N.O.W. waste disposal audit – includes quantifying and profiling of waste

  • Tank cleaning contractors Audit

  • Waste minimization implementation Audit

  • On charter/Off charter Motor Vessel survey & inspection

  • N.O.R.M. Survey’s


  • Waste minimization implementation Audit

  • N.O.R.M. Survey’s

  • Verification audit of well site abandonment in coastal waters


  • Drilling and Completion Fluid transfer audits & sample collections

  • N.O.R.M. Survey’s


  • N.O.R.M. Survey’s

  • Well site soil testing

  • Emergency response planning

   We offer to return to you a competitive advantage in a changing market.

   Through a series of testing, measuring, verifying and data recording, we will assure clients that their dollars are being used in a cost efficient manner.  Upon completion of the task performed, a summary of the comprehensive data will be communicated to the client. The following procedures will be performed and documented for clients review:

 Documentation of Time and Date

  • Services requested by customer

  • Arrival of waste transporter at site

  • Arrival of cleaning crew at site

  • Cleaning crew begins/ends operations

  • Cleaning crew offloads/departs from location

 Verification of waste volumes

 Verification of beginning level of waste in waste barge 

 Evaluation of:

  • Adherence of applicable transfer site guidelines

  • Verification or use of recycled washout water, when applicable

  • Quantification of Manifested Waste

  • Quantification of Combined manifested Waste and washout water upon completion

 Sample analysis of manifested waste, if requested

  • PH analysis

  • Oil, Water, Solids quantification

  • Chlorides

  • Conductivity

  • NORM

 Weather Data  

  • Temperature

  • Rainfall

  • Lightning/Severe Weather

 Accidents & near-miss incidents / Documentation of down time