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U.S.C.G. Licensed tankerman


  As per 46 CFR 155.700 each Operator or agent of a vessel with a capacity of 250 or more barrels of fuel oil, cargo oil, hazardous materials, or liquefied gas as regulated in Table 4 of 46 CFR part 154, or each person who arranges for and hires a person to be in charge of a transfer of fuel oil, of transfer of liquid cargo in bulk, or cargo-tank cleaning, shall designate, either by name or by position in the crew, the person in charge (PIC) of each transfer to or from the vessel of each tank-cleaning.

Waste Auditors can provide U.S.C.G. Licensed Tankerman for all your petroleum related transfers in and along the Gulf of Mexico.

WAI Tankerman are trained and able to make repairs to barges as situations demand and have manual dexterity and the skill to use hand tools.

Our Tankerman have excellent communication skills and can give specific instructions to dock personnel regarding safe carrying of hazardous materials.

Requirements for Tankerman-PIC (Barge) (46 CFR 13.303)
  • Firefighting and Cargo Courses (completed within the last five years) and
  • 60 days service on shore-based or vessel based on tank vessels OR 6 months of closely related service, and
  • Proof of participation, under the supervision of a Tankerman-PIC, in at least ten transfers of cargo, including at least five loadings and five discharges, two commencements and two completions of loading and two commencements and two completions of discharge.


In June 2003 Waste Auditors submitted and received approval for a "Letter of Alternative to Operations Manual" to the USCG Marine Safety Unit Captain of the Port.

 A copy of the letter is displayed below

"Dear Captain of the Port,

Waste Auditors, Inc. (WAI) is requesting an alternative from the Captain of the Port regarding 33 CFR 154/156 and 33 CFR 160.

Waste Auditors, Inc. (WAI) primary scope of business is to provide clerical auditing services to Operators for the purpose of waste minimization and QA/QC of Drilling/Mud transfers.

WAI also provides USCG Licensed Tankerman for the purpose of transfers from vessel to dock, dock to vessel, and from vessel to vessel.

Under the requirements of the Tankerman license regulated by the US Coast Guard (CG-2838) this should supersede the requirements of a PIC (Person in Charge).

For the fact that WAI is contracted by different clients to provide this service for many vessels at various locations, it would be difficult to ensure that our licensed Tankerman would be included as a PIC on each vessels Operations Manual.

Also, because WAI does not own or operate any fixed facilities, mobile facilities, or vessels we feel an alternative grant is applicable.

Chad Eden
Vice President
888-317-2206 Office"